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Something Fishy – Simon Drew Gallery – Part 2

Fish in Simon Drew Gallery Dartmouth

Findo – of the Window

Simon and crew during one of their characteristic, al fresco, Foss Street, Tea Breaks.

As mentioned in an earlier post – the Fish (which we now know is called Findo – or is it Findow) is a stunning visual icon on Foss Street and a clear marker to the Simon Drew Gallery. Well worth a visit.

Amongst other things, Simon taught me the derivation of the word “berk”.

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Something Fishy – Simon Drew Gallery

Foss Street, a Dartmouth delight. It’s impossible to miss The Simon Drew Gallery (no matter which end of the street you are in). The effect is even more enhanced on dry summer days by the Fishy in the first floor window (a creation by Simon, Abi and Kate). Many many more interesting, amusing, and very creative items inside – well worth a visit.


A papier måché fish exhibited from the upper floor of the Simon Drew Gallery during dry summer days

Simon Drew Gallery Fish

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Finding myself with a Nikon D700 and nowhere to go (photography of King Lear currently suspended pending response re acceptability of shutter noise) I went for a stroll during “magic hour”. Top of my mind was what I’d learned about the  Focussing and Metering system in the D700. It has 51 focus points and can apparently detect moving objects and predict where the object should be when you press the shutter release. It’s supposed to adjust accordingly – at least that’s what I thought I understood when reading around the features. So, no Lear to shoot, I had to see whether or not what I thought I understood matched reality. You can see from the results below that theory and reality match, I’m rather chuffed.

Jacdaw_20130807_18-29-03.jpgJacdaw_20130807_18-29-03 (1).jpgJacdaw_20130807_18-29-04 (1).jpgJacdaw_20130807_18-29-04.jpgJacdaw_20130807_18-29-04 (2).jpg

Here’s the action – same frames but cropped to the action.

Walk_20130807_18-29-03 (0).jpgWalk_20130807_18-29-03 (1).jpgWalk_20130807_18-29-04 (0).jpgWalk_20130807_18-29-04 (1).jpgWalk_20130807_18-29-04 (2).jpg
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