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Just messing about

Just got hold of a Nikon D700 in the run up to Inn Theatre’s 2013 Shakespeare production – King Lear. One has to check out the equipment and these two photos are about as extreme as I think I can get

FSD700-test_20130801_12-52-59The begonias were taken around mid day and there was masses of light around. Still I’m impressed with the images I’m getting. This one at full res is 4256 × 2832 (12.1 MP)






The little fellow to the right was taken around 23:00 with only a few of those hideous energy saving lights on.

He’s called Feng Shui a plush Dragon – he’s a tiny part of the overall frame and was in deep shadow (805 × 604 (0.5 MP)) original was the same size as the begonias. Cropped the frame to the Dragon.

Some of the lack of detail in the dragon’s whiskers might be due to the rather long exposure time (camera was hand held and exposure was 1/25th.

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