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’tis the season

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since Regatta, and King Lear. The camera has had a little rest (I have been taking photo’s but they’re professional work for clients and not very newsworthy).

SF_XmasTrees_20131215_13-30-50 - Version 2.jpgSF_XmasTrees_20131215_13-37-01 - Version 2.jpgSF_XmasTrees_20131215_13-38-42 - Version 2.jpgSF_XmasTrees_20131215_13-40-42 - Version 2.jpgSF_XmasTrees_20131215_13-46-46 - Version 2.jpgSF_XmasTrees_20131215_13-49-11 - Version 2.jpgSF_XmasTrees_20131215_14-02-26 - Version 2.jpg

Today saw the first shoot for Stoke Fleming’s Little SODS (that’s actually the Stoke Fleming Operatic and Drama Society). A lousy day with poor light levels but I think we got all the mug shots for the programme done. However, this is not about Little SODS this is about Stoke Fleming’s Christmas Tree Festival. Now in it’s seventh year, held in St. Peter’s Church. I’m amazed at how much goes on in the South Hams. I only learned about this little gem last week, since I was in the area and “tooled up” how could I resist…

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