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Just when you thought it was safe…

More of vomit’s capers

Again! Oh, alright. Hi it’s me acting as Vomit’s PA and translator. As you will already know, Vomit has more of a life than most of the cast and crew of the Inn Theatre’s Taming of The Shrew. Here are some shots of Vomit in action; no cast members were hurt (much) in the making of these photos.

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Plaudits… like fruit bats… flock…

It’s over. The 12th Shakespeare week that is…

Boy do I feel bummed out, anticlimactic, jet-lagged… and so on.

It’s been a roller-coaster of a production and as usual it’s been fab’. For the cast and crew it’s over (mostly) a warm after-glow and anticipation of 2015. For me, the Everest of photographic material looms and (with my trusty Sherpa – Jen) it’s a mountain I must climb.


This year I had the unusual pleasure of seeing my work in print. Thanks to an inspired, cascade of ideas. Originally kicked off by Lynne, concept suggested by Jen, donkey work by myself and Lynne and the generosity of Shaunagh. Who permitted her excellent poster art to be defaced with my photos. The end result (a poor online facsimile of which) is shown here, it’s unique, if you want to see it in the flesh you’ll have to beg Jane for a viewing.

Batches of photos will be posted to the 2014 Shrew page, as they become available.

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…Would you do me the greatest honour…

At the close of this year’s Dartmouth Shakespeare Week, James Osben (Lucentio/Cambio) despite the wind, the rain, a public audience, popped The Question to an amazed Rheanne Derby. Delighted MsDerby said yes.


The Ring

The ring

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