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150806 – RNLI fun

Wow, all of a sudden I’m up to my neck in photos to process. The production of Merry Wives being the biggest time hog. I just got round to reviewing photos from the recent RNLI Dartmouth fund raiser in The Royal Avenue Gardens. My favourite is below but you can find the whole deck here.

RNLI boots with Dart ILB launch tractor

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Testing a Sony A7s


Why the departure from Nikon? Audience feedback from Dartmouth Shakespeare week; shutter noise. This Sony is completely silent (a mirror-less DSLR).

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Dartmouth ILB in action

The Dart Inshore Lifeboat – Spirit – added another shout to her honour roll last night

RNLI Aid Lizzy Jane

RNLI Aid Lizzy Jane

Whilst readying for the opening night of The Inn Theatre Company’s production of “The Taming of the Shrew” I noticed two cars heading up Castle Road at what seemed to be reckless speed. Would they stop before they hit the barriers which show that the Castle Car park is closed… when they did, sky-blue boiler-suited coastguards erupted from the cars and sprinted toward Castle Cove. The reason soon evident. A small craft had called for aid. Lost power and was at risk, but already being attended to by the crew of the RNLI’s Dartmouth ILB.




Copies of these photos can be made available for publication – please eMail with the appropriate photo ID’s

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