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Before Curtain up…

There’s lots to see at Dartmouth Castle – besides Taming of The Shrew…

In the dead time (if there can be such a thing) before the play commences, when I’m happy everything’s set up and checked, I look around and I snap them up things which catch my eye,

Dartmouth Castle on a beautiful Summer evening is a target rich environment, so, as well as more photographs from The Inn Theatre’s Production of “The Taming of The Shrew” here’s some bonus material.

The Paddle Steamer is Kingswear Castle, as is the fortification on the Kingswear side of the river.

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I’ll Park where-ever I want

Spotted on Saturday 26th. This pleasant fellow cut in front of the Dittisham Ferry to park on the Town Quay. When told he couldn’t do so by one of the other ferries his considered response was “Who’s going to stop me”. Dittisham Ferry had to go full astern to avoid collision and then stand off until this twit got the message and left the Quay.

Perhaps DHNA have the means to advise this helmsman of his responsibilities SSR 17226

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RIP D100

Ah well, all good things…

Whilst out for a walk this morning I saw a friend crossing the river. I’ve always admired the unfussy way he manages his small inflatable tender. I had the camera, a long lens, the weather was great, so I snapped away. Normally I would not have checked the photos but by a stroke of good fortune, today, I did. What follows are the last photos taken with my D100. In short the shutter is jamming and the cost (and time) to repair, to high for the value of the camera. With a busy night’s rehearsal ahead of me tonight (Taming of the Shrew). I had to get a replacement and so off to Mifsuds in Brixham. Long story short, I’m now learning how the manage a D600. Many thanks to Mifsuds and especially to Ian.

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