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Kingswear Regatta 2015

Regatta officially underway with the Kingswear Rowing Club Flag hoist

Flags are up…

A Fabulous Saturday…

At very late notice the programme for Sunday was cancelled and many of the key events had to be crammed into a fun filled Saturday at Waterhead Creek; what a fantastic job the committee and helpers pulled off.

Now, all I have to do is wade through the photographs and post them here… stay tuned as they say.

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Before Curtain up…

There’s lots to see at Dartmouth Castle – besides Taming of The Shrew…

In the dead time (if there can be such a thing) before the play commences, when I’m happy everything’s set up and checked, I look around and I snap them up things which catch my eye,

Dartmouth Castle on a beautiful Summer evening is a target rich environment, so, as well as more photographs from The Inn Theatre’s Production of “The Taming of The Shrew” here’s some bonus material.

The Paddle Steamer is Kingswear Castle, as is the fortification on the Kingswear side of the river.

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Lest we forget

The war to end all wars started a hundred years ago, and despite that we still endured another World War. Remembrances of these (and other conflicts) are being dedicated all over the world but here, at home, in Dartmouth, I came across this beautiful memorial to 5 boys (Sea Cadets) who served, and died, in the global struggle against Fascism.

The dedication plaque tells the whole story. Just months before the end of WWII 5 boys who volunteered to serve their country, and the crew of their training ship, were killed by a mine. Amongst other things these boys, and their shipmates helped lay vital communications and fuel lines to the D day beaches.

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