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150806 – RNLI fun

Wow, all of a sudden I’m up to my neck in photos to process. The production of Merry Wives being the biggest time hog. I just got round to reviewing photos from the recent RNLI Dartmouth fund raiser in The Royal Avenue Gardens. My favourite is below but you can find the whole deck here.

RNLI boots with Dart ILB launch tractor

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Signs of Summer

Summer’s definitely on its way. Lot’s of growth, the Royal Avenue Gardens are looking great and  the visitors pontoon – opposite Dartmouth Yacht Club – has been set up. A section is always placed early, for the first gig racing. The others are generally in place by the late May Bank Holiday. It seems to appear by magic. This year I was lucky enough to witness the installation. Masterly work by DHNA.

Walk_20140514_09-45-59 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-48-21 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-49-22 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-51-04 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-52-43 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-53-47 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-09-32 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-13-58 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-15-55 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-17-26 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-18-44 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-19-32 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-20-21 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-21-20 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-21-35 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-22-05 - Version 2.jpg
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We’ve been quite concerned about our wild (and domestic bees). They’ve been having a bit of a bad time, so it was a delight to see so many at work today in amongst the flowers in Royal Avenue Gardens.

As far as domestic bees go, this information from friends who keep bees. The cold winder, and cold Spring meant hives that survived have had to be fed through the cold period. Here, we had what seemed like weeks of Easterlies (we call ’em beasterlies). These were quite strong and even though we had loads of lovely sun light they kept the temperatures down and the velocities were high enough to keep bees grounded in their hives. Then finally, we get some glorious weather and the plants start hoarding water and shut down their nectar production. It ain’t easy being a bee.


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