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Selling King Lear…

Every year I hear a wide range of opinions on both Shakespeare and whatever play is the subject of Dartmouth Shakespeare week. A lot of folks seem to think Shakespeare too high brow, or just not approachable So, selling the idea (and making new converts) is always part of the focus. The year, in addition to the usual awareness raising, The Inn Theatre Company staged two “stunts” to further promote the concept. Even the very youngest were pressed into service.

Bedlam beggars with King Lear Fliers

Two Bedlam’s promote the play

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The Revels, Saturday 10th

Queen Elizabeth progresses

Gloriana – Elizabeth I – Regina, Fidei defensatrix

The Revels are not yet done… but we have evidence of the fun, come back soon or better yet, experience it yourself. The Royal Avenue Gardens Dartmouth. Ending about 14:00 – Tickets for King Lear (a few left) available from the Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre


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Come, join our revels…

Max in costume with others

Come, join our revels

The Inn Theatre Company, not content with performing King Lear every night this week (at Dartmouth Castle)  also staged an Elizabethan themed event in the Old Market Square (Thursday 8th) and will attend Gloriana (Elizabeth I) as she progresses from The Royal Castle Hotel to the Royal Avenue Gardens on Saturday August 10th. Join us there,  and partake of the fun a convenient step away from the Tourist Information Centre where tickets for performances of King Lear may purchased.


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