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Vomit was not harmed…

Acting is a tiring business…

Once again, Vomit has prevailed upon me to write on his behalf. He’s keeping a close eye as I work on photos from The Taming of the Shrew and demanded this latest post.

“My public think that being an actor is just a case of being carried on stage, nipping the odd errant hand, staring at odd occurrences, and giving the occasional shudder for emphasis. Nothing could be further from reality. The Inn Theatre Company demand the highest levels of performance and I spend hours working on my role. I first have todecide who I am, and then examine my motivations, and finally craft my relationships with all the other players before I can give my best. Naturally this is tiring. So, here’s a photo of me getting a much needed 40 winks, whilst ensuring no one tries to swipe a prop.”


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Vomit in action…

Hello readers… I’m Vomit

Keith has kindly acted as interpreter and scribe to bring you this page. My real name’s not Vomit of course. In fact it’s unpronounceable to humans and cats (sub sonic growls, whimper, and a smell component). The Cast and Crew of this play thingy I star in think I’m so cute that they want to vomit and that’s where the stage nickname came from.

That sneaky photographer bugger caught me about my non-cute activities and insists on posting them here. I agreed, after all, he did offer me scooby snacks…

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Bianca’s Secret weapon…


Shakespeare’s Katerina (Kate, in The Taming of The Shrew) has a beautiful younger sister, Bianca. This year’s Inn Theatre production of the play (at Dartmouth Castle), features Sally Feetenby in the role. Unlike Kate, Bianca is beset by amorous suitors. Sometimes it’s all she can do to keep them at bay. She does however have excellent assistance in from her lapdog, which the cast and crew have nicknamed “Vomit” (I think it’s because he’s so cute). Here’s some photos of vomit in action.

Cambio makes his move

Vomit’s having none of it

Vomit reinforces his point

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