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Just when you thought it was safe…

More of vomit’s capers

Again! Oh, alright. Hi it’s me acting as Vomit’s PA and translator. As you will already know, Vomit has more of a life than most of the cast and crew of the Inn Theatre’s Taming of The Shrew. Here are some shots of Vomit in action; no cast members were hurt (much) in the making of these photos.

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Taming The Shrew…

A combined RNLI and Coastguard shout, together with a very wet opening night did nothing to daunt the Cast, Crew and Audience for The Inn Theatre Company’s 12th Shakespeare week production of “The Taming of the Shrew”.

Congratulations to all, not the least to those hardy souls who came prepared and supported the company with their Laughter and applause.


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140804 Petruccio

Bam! They’re off – This Year’s Dartmouth Shakespeare week is underway.

I singled out this shot, it’s evidence of “suffering for one’s art”. Richard Turley, just recovering from a cold, with an obviously painful split lower lip, still gave a great performance as the overbearing, intimidating, mercurial Petruccio.

First public performance is tonight – August 5th – Tickets are going fast. Some still available from Dartmouth TIC.

Petruccio Bloodied

Petruccio Bloodied

Petruccio Bloodied

Petruccio Bloodied

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