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Signs of Summer

Summer’s definitely on its way. Lot’s of growth, the Royal Avenue Gardens are looking great and  the visitors pontoon – opposite Dartmouth Yacht Club – has been set up. A section is always placed early, for the first gig racing. The others are generally in place by the late May Bank Holiday. It seems to appear by magic. This year I was lucky enough to witness the installation. Masterly work by DHNA.

Walk_20140514_09-45-59 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-48-21 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-49-22 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-51-04 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-52-43 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_09-53-47 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-09-32 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-13-58 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-15-55 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-17-26 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-18-44 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-19-32 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-20-21 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-21-20 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-21-35 - Version 2.jpgWalk_20140514_10-22-05 - Version 2.jpg
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