Polished versus raw

Polished – refers to an image that has been processed, usually in the most minimal way possible. Polished photos have probably been cropped to action, might have been de-skewed, and their colour and exposure might have been tweaked. I do as little as possible in order to bring out the subject and action.

Raw – a photo which has not been processed in any way. Most of the photos are fine, they just need the sort of tweaks that I mention above but I published them early so that you could seem them and even ask me to tweak them using the Proofing option.

Selection Criteria – not all photos make the cut. In raw collections photos meet the minimum standard that they appear to be well focused, framed, and exposed. In polished collections photos are assessed for a number of requirements focus, clarity, action… That’s not to say that you’ll not find some which appear to be out of focus, in which case I’ve accepted motion blur to add to the sense of action.

Optimised – photos which have been exported as JPEG files designed to display well on devices with screens of 960 by 640 pixels with a resolution of 132 dots per inch.