2018 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I was invited to photograph the Dress Rehearsal (Monday 23rd July). Unlike previous years there’s only one set of photographs. However I’ve produced two different treatments.

Normal resolution Apart from editing they’re at the camera’s resolution

Optimised These are based on the same masters as above but compressed to fit 960 pixels and should load much faster when viewed using mobile devices and/or slow internet connections.

Both collections are now complete (230 photo’s) with an additional 9 which are slightly different treatments of the original (generally closer crop). If time (and taste) allows I might reduce the number by removing photos which are very similar to each other.

The photos have been minimally edited. The most common edits being Crop (to action), colour, and de-skewing. They were processed from their RAW originals and converted to JPEG, so colours will be slightly more vibrant. The RAW collection is archived and available if needed.

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