170729 – Othello – Closing Night


Yep, it rained again, and I stayed away. No one needs a fussy photographer underfoot when the space is cramped and the audience are jostling for seats.

St. Petrox is the wet weather venue

On the rare occasions a production has to shelter from persistent rain, it moves into this delightful little church. Seating is not allocated so it pays to be early and have an idea where you’d like to sit. Having said that, watching a Dartmouth Shakespeare Week production magically transform into this space is a revelation in itself.

Making the venue fit the tale…

Desdemona's Bed

Desdemona’s Bed

When I saw Max’s shot of Desdemona’s bed, in context, in the church I promised myself that if a production ever gets rained into the church I will be there just to try to get a feel for the masterful way The Inn Theatre can exploit the space to match the play.