170725 – Othello – Opening Night

Why No Photos?

Are you sitting comfortably? When I work up photos (any shoot) I’m looking for content that tells the story, or shows the object in good detail. There are a load of technical considerations that also determine whether or not a shot is good enough for publication.

So you’re saying all of Tuesdays’s shots were no good?

Not quite, but it looks that way.

What the… don’t you know how to handle a camera by now?

You’d think so. Here’s what appears to have happened. Rather than shoot the entire production using my trusty 120-300 mm Sigma telephoto lens I decided to try for wider shots (Wednesday’s shots illustrate this). I used a lens with a wider angle of view, shorter maximum zoom and sadly a much smaller maximum aperture. None of which should have been serious issues during the first half of the play.

When I started to review the photos I noticed that hardly any were sharp enough to satisfy me. I remembered having similar issues with that lens. So I started digging into possible causes. An investigation which eventually saw me spending Wednesday morning with Mifsuds (the local Nikon Pro dealer). After exhaustive examination using 3 of their lenses, my suspect lens, and one of their Nikon Camera’s, we came to the conclusion that

  • my lens is giving a “mushy focus” not just on my camera
  • there’s an odd, inconsistent issue with my camera which is shown up by that lens
  • the combination should be referred to Nikon for evaluation/correction.

We also discovered a rather nice lens, which would be an improvement on the lens I own. I decided to hire it for the week and see what sort of results it would give. Wednesday night’s shots are the result.

So No shots from Opening Night then?

I won’t rule it out, if only to illustrate this story, but they are currently not a priority.


Yep. Who’d have thought it, the only Nikon Pro dealer in the whole of this part of Devon is in Brixham. If you visit them remember to ask about the name and the location. Mifsuds is a rare gem. A family run business, staffed by people who love what they do, and who are prepared to take time to understand your needs and find the best fit for you. If you’re looking for photographic gear and informed, trustworthy advice you could do worse than pay them a visit. I use them for Nikon because that’s what I use, they’re also Canon and Manfrotto dealers and they cover entry level to Pro in terms of product and knowledge.