2017 – Othello

Othello Poster

The Inn Theatre’s 15th annual Dartmouth Shakespeare week showcased new talent, caused shocked intakes of breath, and grown men nearly blubbed. Othello, a rich, dark, tragedy. Delivered in a fabulous setting by a brilliant cast and crew.

170724 – Dress Rehearsal

170725 – Opening Night Content under review

170726 – Wednesday

170727 – Thursday Editing please visit later

170728 – Friday Rain

170729 – Closing Night Rain

Directors Cut – Max’s Picks

Regarding the photography.

This year I’ve broken with protocol, anyone can view the photos and request proofs using the excellent Nextgen Gallery tools provided. Comments can be posted, but only by registered users.

The links above will take you to galleries for the performances shown. Photos featured either help tell the story or show off the stunning location. As folks request photos for proofing I will “polish” them and build a proofed, polished gallery, for an example of this visit the Dress Rehearsal page, or if you’re impatient click here.

I am also posting selected photos to LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook in order to help develop interest in The Inn Theatre’s excellent work.