ShantyFest_20130706_09-30-35 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-30-54 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-31-16 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-31-48 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-32-01 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-32-24 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-37-28 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-37-51 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-38-20 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-38-32 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-38-36 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-39-32 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-40-26 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-40-32 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-41-05 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-41-39 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-41-52 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-42-14 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-43-17 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-43-40 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-43-46 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-44-15 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-45-30 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_09-53-38 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_10-12-57 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_10-18-14 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_10-22-15 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_10-23-10 - Version 2.jpgShantyFest_20130706_11-44-09 - Version 2.jpg
The Shanty Festival also featured a procession of Classic Craft. Here they are, together with photos which I hope convey the overall atmosphere of the day. Look out for photos of Kingswear Castle (a historic steam driven Paddle steamer now operating in the Dart), one of the original Brixham Sailing Trawlers (Leader I think) and Fairmile (a WWII RAF fast rescue boat).