An Early Morning Walk

Dartmouth_20130725_07-41-48 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-42-57 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-45-28 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-46-27 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-47-46 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-52-26 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-53-29 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-54-11 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-58-30 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-59-23 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_07-59-44 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_08-00-40 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_08-01-45 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_08-02-48 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_08-17-09 - Version 2.jpgDartmouth_20130725_08-17-45 - Version 2.jpg
Moved the car to the Mayors Avenue Car Park. Took the camera out for a mooch around Dartmouth before visitors wake up/arrive. This a part of the Dartmouth we love, before the crowds, things you are more likely to see if you are lucky enough to be living here, or staying in Town.