2013 – Kingswear Regatta

All the shots from Kingswear Regatta 2013


Kingswear Regatta - 2013 - retrospective

A cross section of photos taken during the 2013 regatta.
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Kingswear Regatta 2013

This collection is "atmosphere" the photos here give a feel for the overall fun of Kingswear regatta, they are not specifically associated with any one activity
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Kingswear Regatta - Rowing race finals

A selection of photos of the rowing finals in the 2013 Kingswear Regatta
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Kingswear Regatta - Duck Race

The annual Kingswear Regatta Duck Race
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Kingswear Regatta - Prizes

Prize giving at the Village Hall
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Kingswear Regatta - Food

Great entertainment needs feeding, some of the highlights shown here

This year’s photo’s made it into the local news paper – The Dartmouth Chronicle.

Congrats to all, and here’s looking forward to 2014.