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Breath taking arrogance is one of the things we find that we have to put up with in Dartmouth. Today, returning from lunch with friends, crossing one of Dartmouth’s most picturesque (and well known streets) I (and others too, look at the folks around this car) was surprised to find someone driving up Foss street during the period when cars are prohibited. It’s all OK, we were dropping off the totty to pick up a purchase from Lazy Sundays – parking in Dartmouth is such a bother, surely only poor people walk to the shops.

Arrogant Diver ignores traffic restriction on Dartmouth's Gallery Street

Arrogant Diver ignores traffic restriction on Dartmouth’s Gallery Street

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Lest we forget

The war to end all wars started a hundred years ago, and despite that we still endured another World War. Remembrances of these (and other conflicts) are being dedicated all over the world but here, at home, in Dartmouth, I came across this beautiful memorial to 5 boys (Sea Cadets) who served, and died, in the global struggle against Fascism.

The dedication plaque tells the whole story. Just months before the end of WWII 5 boys who volunteered to serve their country, and the crew of their training ship, were killed by a mine. Amongst other things these boys, and their shipmates helped lay vital communications and fuel lines to the D day beaches.

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Something Fishy – Simon Drew Gallery – Part 2

Fish in Simon Drew Gallery Dartmouth

Findo – of the Window

Simon and crew during one of their characteristic, al fresco, Foss Street, Tea Breaks.

As mentioned in an earlier post – the Fish (which we now know is called Findo – or is it Findow) is a stunning visual icon on Foss Street and a clear marker to the Simon Drew Gallery. Well worth a visit.

Amongst other things, Simon taught me the derivation of the word “berk”.

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