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Vomit was not harmed…

Acting is a tiring business…

Once again, Vomit has prevailed upon me to write on his behalf. He’s keeping a close eye as I work on photos from The Taming of the Shrew and demanded this latest post.

“My public think that being an actor is just a case of being carried on stage, nipping the odd errant hand, staring at odd occurrences, and giving the occasional shudder for emphasis. Nothing could be further from reality. The Inn Theatre Company demand the highest levels of performance and I spend hours working on my role. I first have todecide who I am, and then examine my motivations, and finally craft my relationships with all the other players before I can give my best. Naturally this is tiring. So, here’s a photo of me getting a much needed 40 winks, whilst ensuring no one tries to swipe a prop.”


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Europa visits Taming of the Shrew


Thursday August 7th was a fabulous day to visit Dartmouth, especially if you can do it in style. Europa she made an impressive sight for all attending the The Taming of the Shrew.

More photos of Europa are available in the Incidentals collection from 2014 Dartmouth Shakespeare Week.


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There can be only one…

Vomit. Stop nipping me!

Another missive from Vomit. Apparently there was a bid to oust me from my role as Bianca’s lapdog. My evil twin (if you ever watched the original Star Trek Episode – Mirror, Mirror you’ll understand) was making it known he was available for the gig.

Accept no substitutes

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