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Exmouth Shanty Men

Mariners away

Loved the team strip

Just posted photos of the Exmouth Shanty men. While lurking around the band stand I couldn’t help noticing other Shanty groups mixed in with the audience in The Royal Avenue Gardens. Whether they were sizing up the opposition or just enjoying the ambience (and the marvellous summer day) is something I’ll never know. Featured here Mariners Away, sorry guys but we never got to hear you; lunch at The Ship Inn Kingswear prevented that.

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Flash Jack – Photos posted


Flash Jack and the Traffic Warden

Flash Jack invite a Civil Enforcement Officer to farewell…

The project to move more of my photos to my own site continues and I have finally made a collection publicly available. Flash Jack, a Sea Shanty group performed in Dartmouth during the South Devon Sea Shanty Festival and the were kind enough to enquire where the photos would end up. Sorry about the amount of time it took for me to post them. In addition to working on the Shanty Festival photos I also have a weekly shoot out at Dartmouth Castle (for this year’s Shakespeare week production; King Lear). Working up photos takes time, and building a new web site with a new (to me) technology also takes a bit of time too.

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