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160827 Regatta – Tornado

RAF FGR4 Typhoon display, part of the 172nd Dartmouth Royal Regatta. We call it the seagull scarer; scares the crap out of me.

RAF Typhoon FGR4 in action over Dartmouth

RAF Typhoon FGR4 in action over Dartmouth

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172nd Dartmouth Royal Regatta 2016

Everyone's Smiling

Everyone’s Smiling

Regatta Saturday, it’s been fun this year (always is), everyone’s smiling.

More photos here, or from the menus above, you’ll have to register to access them. Loads of stuff on the official site

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170th Dartmouth Regatta

The Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta is almost upon us…

Regatta LogoTo some, Regatta’s the high point of the year. I plan my diary around being in Dartmouth during Regatta and remain a fan. Sadly, many of the old Regatta staples no longer take place. Crazy events like the Kon-Tiki rafts from Bayards cove have gone but Regatta continues to evolve and spectacles such as Newfoundland dogs performing rescue drills in the river have become part of the programme.

Some things stay the same. Traffic redirections and parking restrictions will abound

Dartmouth_20140811_10-54-12 - Version 2.jpg

Photos from this year’s regatta will be posted under the photography menu above.

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